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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Review Novel Life Baggage oleh Novelis Cemburu Seorang Perempuan

Saya kehilangan kata-kata dengan komen dari novelis Siti Hazneza Abdul Hamid tentang karya kedua saya.
Terasa berbaloi menulis apabila ada orang suka.
Tiba-tiba rindu nak menulis fiksyen lagi

Ulasan novel Life Baggage oleh Siti Hazneza Abdul Hamid:

28 January 2021

I contacted her after reading the synopsis of Life Baggage and thought,

"Wow, this book is interesting."
I looked up her page/ blog and her explanation of how her publisher advised her to change the title from the original one to Life Baggage resonated with me.
I look forward to reading these books. They will be my reward for a work gets done.
Siti Hazneza binti Abdul Hamid


29 January 2021

 It is official that you cannot trust me with two things: books and chocolates. Astaghfirullah.

I finished Life Baggage by Syaz Eym at about 2.00 am. It was worth it.

This 'novel' is actually two short stories and a novel. Ma shaa Allah.

Much like Faisal Tehrani's works, the two short stories: Kerja Kosong and Mangsa, Syaz offered a perspective that many of us may be aware of but not many would put it in creative writing.

Then we got to the novel: Segala Tentang Dua. It was the excerpt from this novel that made into the blurp on the back cover. About Hatim and Najah.

Subhaanallah! Could Syaz write about many characters and that many plot twists? Yes she did.

Syaz had such a good grasped of her characters and storyline that although they were many and her plots were zig-zag of the present and flashbacks, worry not, you will not get lost.

There were many plots where I laughed out loud amidst a suspense. She knew well how to ease the tension.

Kudos, Syaz Eym. May Allah put lots and lots of barokah in your work. Jazaakillaahu khayr.

Siti Hazneza binti Abdul Hamid

Terima kasih atas ulasan ini, so uplifting for an amateur writer like me ๐Ÿ˜

ps: setakat hari ini, banyak komen pembaca tentang aku suka buat plot twist ๐Ÿ˜†


  1. Tahniah! Mudah-mudahan sentiasa bermotivasi untuk menulis.

  2. Memang setuju sangat plot twist tu.. Syaz pandai memanipulasikan plot twist dan menarik pembaca ke dalam dunia penulisan Syaz..

  3. waaaaaa setuju dgn setiap kata kata nyaa!!!!! i cant wait to read more :)

  4. Waaaaa.. nak baca life lagi satu novel tuuuuuu

    1. Hehe boleh non, nak beli boleh pm hehe ๐Ÿคญ

  5. wow... tahniah kak, kami tumpang gumbira

  6. Wow! Tumpang happy untuk kak Syaz. Alhamdulillah..Segala Tentang Dua tu kalau buat drama boleh trending macam TYT. plot twist dia menarik :)

    1. akak aminnkan dulu hahaha!
      Kalau ada penerbit nak adaptasikan Life Baggage ni, macam bulan jatuh ke riba la rasanya haha!

  7. Tahniah Syaz! cukup bangga shida dgn syaz tau!


Ada apa-apa nak tulis? ;)

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